Home and Able wants to help you thrive in place.

  Individualized home modifications, done by an occupational therapist, are proven to support aging in place so that you can meet your goal of staying home!

Partnering with Home and Able allows you to proactively plan for aging in place.  We will work together to identify your needs and create a blue print to guide you throughout the changes of life.
Whether you’ve lived in your home for a long time, or are recently arrived, Home & Able will match your evolving goals to your beloved home.

Home & Able Can Help You…

Remain Free From Falls

Navigate Changes in Mobility

Save Money

Manage a Chronic Condition

Be Home for Good

Plan for Multi Generational Living

Actual outcomes from working with Home and Able:

• Your home functioning optimally for you and your loved ones

• Fewer fall risk areas in your home

• The ability to perform your daily activities with greater ease and safety

• Continuing a desired activity or hobby in your home

• The pleasure of welcoming friends and family of ALL abilities to your home

• Maximized safety & independence for those living with dementia & their caregivers

Dena is passionate about helping people to remain as independent as possible at home. She truly believes, “Home is where the heart is.” Her experience working for home health, as a community care coordinator visiting clients and even going door-to-door in New Zealand for Green Peace, giving her varied and extensive experience in the ways in which people create ‘home.’  Dena strives to work collaboratively with her clients; listening to the client’s goals and finding the most simple and cost effective resolutions to their problems.

Dena holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy along with extensive additional training and 12+ years of experience helping people to be independent and safe in their homes. Her goal is to help people and their families understand how to age in place successfully.

        Home modification is the process of making changes to your home that will allow the home to work for your specific needs.  The focus is always on maximizing function and safety, reducing fall risk, and expanding independence; home modification is for EVERYONE.

      Home modification can include simple changes such as improved lighting, addition of anti-slip treads on stairways and lever doorknobs. At the extreme, home modification may include complete renovation of an interior room or entry/exit and may include landscape changes to allow for level entry. While a contractor will be needed to implement these changes, it is the home modification liaison who ‘translates’ the rationale and specific recommendations made for your home.  Simply following ADA guidelines will not work; these guidelines are generic and made to apply in public settings. You deserve to have home modifications specific to your home.

     As your consultant I will use your reported goals, strengths, medical history and critical evaluation of your home and how you function in it, to make the best home modification plan for you. We will tour your home together with a focus on the bathroom, kitchen and exit/entry. We discuss which steps you may be ready to implement and which plans you may wish to hold off on; this can be an ongoing discussion with graded implementation.

Planning ahead for the curveballs that life can throw at us is the best thing you can do for yourself. Let’s work together to create a home which will support you through ALL stages of life.


Dena is a member of the following organizations

Certified Aging in Place Specialist - logo aging in place home modifications

National Assoc of Home Builders
Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Exec Certificate in Home Management Program - logo aging in place home modifications

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
Exec Certificate in Home Management Program