Home and Able has the expertise to help you thrive in place.

  Individualized home modifications, done by an occupational therapist, are proven to support independence and reduce fall risk so that you can meet your goal of staying home!

Partnering with Home and Able allows you to proactively plan for Aging in Place.  We will work together to identify your needs and create a blue print to guide you throughout the changes of life.
Whether you’ve lived in your home for a long time, or are recently arrived, Home & Able will match your evolving goals to your beloved home.

Home & Able Can Help…

   Reduce your risk of falling

 Adult children to navigate care for their aging in parents

Set up the home to navigate changes for those living with chronic or progressive diseases like Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and  Movement disorders. 

You to perform your daily activities with greater ease and safety

You to  welcome friends and family of ALL abilities to your home

Support caregivers through education and modifications

Create a more accessible and welcome public space for all

Client Testimonials 

“I am very glad I chose Home and Able to help me with my plan for Aging in Place. Dena’s assistance, tips, and generous and outgoing nature made her a real pleasure to work with.  One of the best aspects of her Aging in Place Assessment Report, were the tips and suggestions. It’s one thing to ‘tell’ a client what to purchase but she went the extra mile by giving the client pictured examples of products that work, along with purchasing information. THANK YOU!!”

 – P. Coyle, Charlotte
” I first became acquainted with Dena several years ago, when my husband  was progressing along the Parkinson’s path, unfortunately also accompanied by macular degeneration and some dementia.  Dena was sent to us and immediately she made a positive impact on our lives, identifying potential problems in our home that I wouldn’t have picked up, subtle tripping hazards, suitable places for grab bars and reflective tape, plus she introduced exercises that I could assist my husband with as part of a daily routine.  Tom was always happy to greet her and work with her; to me, she became a lifeline of sorts, a beloved and trusted link to the outside world.   Dena has equally high measures of dedication and professionalism, knowledge and compassion.  I’ll always be grateful for the difference she made in our lives, and, honestly, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

  – Claire Chomentowski, Roxbury, VT
“Home and Able offered solutions when I felt stuck. From simple modifications to local resources, Dena has a wealth of knowledge around aging in place. She helped us take actionable steps toward a future that feels safe and comfortable for my aging parents.”  

– Meg H., Maryland


“Dena Wilkie’s expertise and kindness have been heaven sent as I prepare to care for my frail mother in my home. Dena took detailed information about my mother’s needs, came to my house, and 10 days later provided a report with detailed recommendations. The report even included links to Amazon and other sources for the equipment needed to reduce the risk of falls and help Mom feel safe and comfortable. Home and Able is an amazing service. A thousand thanks, Dena! You’ve helped me go from anxious to confident that I can help Mom’s final chapter be rich and happy.”

 – M. Emery, Burlington, VT.

Dena is passionate about helping people to remain as independent as possible at home. She believes, “Home is where the heart is” and that with proactive planning, you can reach your goal of staying home till the end.

Her experience working for home health, as a community care coordinator,  and even going door-to-door in New Zealand for Green Peace, gives her varied and extensive experience in the ways in which people create ‘home.’  Dena strives to work collaboratively with her clients; listening to the client’s goals and finding the most simple and cost effective resolutions to their problems.

Dena is a Certified Aging in Place Speciliast and holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy along with an executive certificate in home modifications and 12+ years of experience  helping people to live successfully at home. Her goal is to help people and their families understand how to age in place successfully. She is also an advocate for accessible spaces, with goals of partnering with town planning boards, non-profits, private businesses and more.


Dena is a member of the following organizations

Certified Aging in Place Specialist - logo aging in place home modifications

National Assoc of Home Builders
Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Exec Certificate in Home Management Program - logo aging in place home modifications

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
Exec Certificate in Home Management Program