Home Modification & Aging in Place Articles

Assistive Technology and home modifications

I recently sat down to speak with the awesome people at  Vermont Assistive Technology .   We discussed the shared goals that home modification specialists and AT techs have in supporting independence and universal access for individuals, at home and in their communities. I learned about the unique contributions and lived…
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Help for the Sandwich Generation; the unrecognized caregiver

The term ‘sandwich generation’ refers to a person who is simultaneously caring for their young children and their aging parents. This role has traditionally fallen on the shoulders of the woman, the daughter of the aging mother and father, and the mother of the young children. An impossible task at…
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Dementia and an Accommodated Home

Dementia and Home Modifications Are you caring for someone with a dementia diagnosis? Caring for a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming! Proper support, knowledge and an accommodated home can help reduce the caregiver burden and keep your loved one with dementia safe and independent for longer. The caregiver…
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Assisted living alternatives

Assisted Living Alternatives I wrote this blogpost inspired by a friend who is attempting to navigate care for her aging parents from thousands of miles away. I could hear the stress in her voice as she explained to me how her parents were declining and the difficulty she’s facing in…
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Man assisting elderly woman with cane.

Make Your Home ‘Visitable’

  Visitability! Visitability is a buzzword these days! What is it, you say? Visitability is a way to define how ‘visitable’ your home is for those who may live with physical disabilities. As many of us age, our friends and family will experience changes in their level of function and…
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Universal Design Principles

Universal Design is a concept applied to design in which the environment is set up to accommodate a multitude of needs and abilities. “Universal design is design that’s usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.”  –Ron Mace, architect Universaldesign.org lends…
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