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Home modifications are accommodations made to your home that are specific to your needs and goals. Home Modifications allow you to live an independent and fulfilling life in your home. A proactive Aging in Place plan will help ensure you meet your goal of remaining at home.

Home modifications, specifically those that have been customized to your needs and your home, have evidence to support a reduced risk of falling. Falls, especially frequent falls, are a main reason people need to transition to a nursing home. Falls impact physical and emotional health and can lead to isolation, depression and loss of abilities. Proactive planning with home modifications can ultimately lead to a lowered risk of falls and improve your ability to remain home till the end.

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What is Home Modification?

Home modification is the process of making changes to your home that will allow the home to work optimally for your specific needs. The focus is always on maximizing function and safety, reducing fall risk, and expanding independence.

Home modification can include quick and easy changes such as improved lighting, addition of anti-slip treads on stairways and lever doorknobs. At the extreme, home modification may include complete renovation of an interior room or entry/exit and may include landscape changes to allow for level entry.

While a contractor will be needed to implement these changes, it is the home modification liaison who ‘translates’ the rationale and specific recommendations made for your home. Simply following ADA guidelines will not work; these guidelines are generic and made to apply in public settings. You deserve to have aging in place modifications work specifically for you.

As your consultant, I will use your reported goals, strengths, medical history and critical evaluation of your home to make the best home modification plan for you. We will tour your home together with a focus on the bathroom, kitchen and exit/entry. We discuss which steps you may be ready to implement and which plans you may wish to hold off on; this can be an ongoing discussion with graded implementation.

Planning ahead for the curve balls that life can throw at us is the best thing you can do for yourself. Let’s work together to create a home that will support you through all stages of life.


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Aging in Place Assessment

Home visit to discuss home modifications.

A home visit will last 2-3 hours and includes the following:

  • Discussion of your and/or your loved one’s goals and concerns.
  • Assessment of strengths, pertinent medical history (at your discretion), lifestyle & supports.
  • Home Safety Assessment that includes an evaluation of your bathroom, kitchen, exit/entrance.

Remote assessments are an option in most cases, and start at $495.

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Custom Report

Senior woman reading a home modification custom report.

Research shows that the most effective home modifications are those that are tailored to the individual and made by an Occupational therapist. Contractors will want to follow ADA guidelines for your home, however, ADA was designed for the Public, not for you and your specific needs and goals.

Post Aging in Place Assessment, you will receive your custom report (printed and digital) with recommendations specific to your bathroom and kitchen, entrances/exits and general safety as applied to your home. It is an option to have additional rooms assessed. Professional recommendations range from simple interventions to larger renovations. Examples may include aging in place technology, task lighting, anti-slip flooring, durable medical equipment (shower chairs, grab bars), ramps, chair lifts, smart speakers, functional organization and more!


  • Tips and check list for emergency preparedness.
  • Climate resiliency action you can take in your home.
  • Financial options available for securing home modification funding.

Floor plans and Contractor Liason

If you are ready to make larger renovations to meet your home modification needs, Home & Able will provide you with professional floor plans to be used with your contractor. Dena has additional training in creating floor plans and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders. 

As your contractor liason, I work closely with the you and the contractor to ensure the home modifications are being implemented to your specific and desired needs.

Do you have questions about home modification services? We’d love to answer your questions and help you decide what solutions would be a good fit for you or your loved one.

Client Testimonials

 I first became acquainted with Dena several years ago, when my husband  was progressing along the Parkinson’s path, unfortunately also accompanied by macular degeneration and some dementia.  Dena was sent to us and immediately she made a positive impact on our lives, identifying potential problems in our home that I wouldn’t have picked up, subtle tripping hazards, suitable places for grab bars and reflective tape, plus she introduced exercises that I could assist my husband with as part of a daily routine.  Tom was always happy to greet her and work with her; to me, she became a lifeline of sorts, a beloved and trusted link to the outside world.   Dena has equally high measures of dedication and professionalism, knowledge and compassion.  I’ll always be grateful for the difference she made in our lives, and, honestly, I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  – Claire Chomentowski, Roxbury, VT


Home and Able offered solutions when I felt stuck. From simple modifications to local resources, Dena has a wealth of knowledge around aging in place. She helped us take actionable steps toward a future that feels safe and comfortable for my aging parents.   – Meg H., Maryland

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